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About Us

Neema Education Foundation (NEF) is a Nepali ed-tech startup formed in 2018 that aims to improve the existing education system through digitization. Our foundation comprises academicians and educators with over 30 years of experience in the Nepali education sector. Recognizing ...

Neema Education Foundation (NEF) is a Nepali ed-tech startup formed in 2018 that aims to improve the existing education system through digitization. Our foundation comprises academicians and educators with over 30 years of experience in the Nepali education sector.

Recognizing the need to upgrade the conventional learning method in Nepal, we strive to create a digital impact in the existing education system by combining our expertise with modern technologies. Supporting our endeavor, our unique LMS system -- Neema Academy App -- produces innovative learning solutions in a fun and interactive environment.

Our application, built by a dedicated in-house team, introduces blended learning technology, providing theoretical knowledge with practical and example-based content. The app presents an integrated solution with interactive learning programs and digital content like on-demand videos, textual content, 3D and animation-based content, and game-based learning, among others.

Manager/ Sr. Manager - Marketing, Branding & Communication

Basic Information

  • No. of Openings 1
  • Job Category Marketing / Advertising / Customer Service
  • Job Location Mahakavi Marg, Dilibazar
  • Job Level Junior Level
  • Salary Negotiable
  • Education Level Bachelors
  • Desired Candidate Both(Female, Male)
  • Experience 3 years
  • Expiry date 2022-05-29
  • Skills Communication skills, Adaptability, Flexibility, Networking

Job Description

You work to ensure that a brand remains recognizable, up to date, and exciting to customers. You plan ways to promote – and change the public perception of – brands. You are also responsible for making sure that branding is consistent across advertising and campaigns.

  • Carrying out market research in order to keep up to date with customer trends, as well as trying to predict future trends 

  • Developing strategies and managing marketing campaigns across print, broadcast, and online platforms to ensure that products and services meet customers’ expectations and to build the credibility of brands 

  • Analyzing the success of marketing campaigns and creating reports

  • Supervising advertising, product design, and other forms of marketing to maintain consistency in branding

  • Meeting with clients and working with colleagues across multiple departments (HR, Finance, Sales) 

  • Managing budgets and a team of executives 

  • Organizing events such as product launches, exhibitions, and photoshoots. 


Job Responsibilities in Detail 

The Brand Marketing Manager ensures the efficient execution of business plans in order to meet future marketing expectations and targets. The Marketing Manager also takes part in the development of short-term tactical Sales and Brand Management marketing plans. The Brand Marketing Manager ensures brand integrity by guiding efforts across multiple channels and functions. He supports the development and execution of offline/traditional, digital, and paid social advertising programs for the business. The role entails the management of media campaigns from the beginning to the end and is also responsible for the execution across all media channels inclusive of TV, Radio, Digital, Print, and Paid Social. The Brand Marketing Manager reports directly to the head of the business. 


The Brand Marketing Manager plays part in the development of the brand marketing strategies in order to establish strategic direction and program positioning. In this capacity, the Brand Marketing Manager develops marketing partnerships with schools, media partners, and other external partners in an attempt to broaden the reach of the business’s brand messaging. He also plays part in the development and execution of paid social programs on self-service advertising platforms inclusive of Google AdWords, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter along with supporting the brand’s paid media programs. At this capacity, the Brand Marketing Manager also contributes to the development and execution of all ground events, promotions, and stunts for the business/brand. 


The Brand Marketing Manager also plays a managerial role in the production process for all offline marketing materials, for example, technical specs, project timelines, and so forth. The Brand Marketing Manager is tasked with the maintenance of the lower department’s operational production budget, ensuring that there is a continuous effective and economical allocation of resources. He also supervises multiple external agencies in developing creative advertising, high-impact promotions, and media planning, for example, viral/guerilla marketing and event sponsorship. The Brand Marketing Manager additionally manages media timelines and executes plans across all media channels, that is, TV, Social, Radio, Print etc. He effectively supervises the junior brand marketing staff/team, managing workflow, providing direction, and overseeing constant skill development. The Brand Marketing Manager strikes a balance in ensuring all branding and key information strategies are in line with overall business strategy without compromising the brand’s integrity. 


The role of the Brand Marketing Manager is not entirely independent. The Brand Marketing Manager works closely with top management, that is, the CEO and Head of business in reviewing and approving all branded elements for advertising and launch materials inclusive of printed collateral, product packaging, online assets, launch toolkits, product logos, and videos. In this collaboration, he also provides feedback and insight on the performance of program campaigns and relays them for further strategic development and solution formulation. The Brand Marketing Manager also serves as a collaborative partner and liaison between all internal product departments in ensuring integrated campaigns and cohesive strategies. He is also tasked with collaborating with external partners in ensuring that all media plans are aligned with the business’s values and goals, are executed on-time and on-budget. 


The Brand Marketing Manager also plays an analytical role where he conducts research and analyses, translating campaign performance into communication documents and reports, which are distributed to business head and key stakeholders. Some of these documents are marketing briefs, competitive analyses, campaign recap decks, and so forth. At this capacity, the Brand Marketing Manager also track spending on all media campaigns for the purpose of ensuring that brand marketing efforts always stay within the allocated budget. Here, the Brand Marketing Manager actualizes cost reports per project at the completion of each brand marketing campaign. He prepares account management, expenditure, progress, and other related reports. Additionally, the Brand Marketing Manager, reviews targeted spends and makes real-time adjustments in order to optimize brand marketing campaign performance. The Brand Marketing Manager is also responsible of the translation of key research reports into strategic recommendations, which he forwards to the business head for further refinement and consideration. 

Knowledge and Opportunity: 

The Brand Marketing Manager also conducts regular and consistent research and keeps the business and the brand marketing department informed on best practices and the latest trends in brand marketing that ensure that the business does not lag behind of its competition and also in order to provide growth opportunity for the brand by capitalizing on the acquisition potential that alternative branding strategies/approaches may hold. At this capacity, the Brand Marketing Manager ensures that the product maintains a consistent tone that is relevant to the business’s brand and the consumers, solidifying the brand identity by ensuring consistent, on-time and accurate development, delivery, and assets running for each brand marketing campaign.

Other Duties: The Brand Marketing Manager also performs other tasks as designated by the Employer. 



Job Specification

  • Degree in business, marketing, or related field with 7-10 years of related work experience. 
  • Previous experience in developing brand and marketing strategies. Excellent presentation and reporting skills. 
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written. 
  • Previous experience in managing and leading teams. 
  • Highly organized and perform well under pressure. 
  • Budget management skills. 
  • Strong research and analytical skills. 


What we offer

  • Very competitive salary chance to work with young minds with full autonomy. 
  •  Your ideas are always welcomed. 
  •  An environment where you are heard and valued 
  •  Festive bonus, staff insurance, 31 days of fully paid home and sick leaves, other paid leaves as per gov. rule, Unlimited tea, and coffee, menstrual leave


Apply Instruction

If you are interested you can also send your CV at

This job has been expired on 2022-05-29