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The Importance of Employee Training: Why Kumari Job is the Right Choice for Your Career Growth

As technology advances frequently and the work method improves, employees and employers have to adapt to these changes in knowledge and skills. The best way to achieve this is through employee training.


Why is Employee Training Essential?

Employee Training is defined as an arranged set of exercises for granting information to employees, to such an extent that it prompts a development in work abilities expected for organizational growth. It refers to the continuous effort made by an organization to boost the performance of its employees. Training allows employees to expand their skills and knowledge while also increasing job satisfaction and reducing employee turnover.


Training has always been the core focus for those organizations that have the ambition of retaining highly skilled employees at their disposal. The need for employee training becomes more crucial when we consider the ever-changing digital world. It becomes highly essential and beneficial. Some of the benefits of employee training are mentioned below:

Benefits to employee

  • Acquiring skills and knowledge that can be useful even after one leaves the company.
  • Bridging the educational gap namely for those without college degrees.
  • Increasing confidence in one’s ability to do their job correctly.
  • Nurturing leadership potential by learning new skills for leadership roles in the future. 
  • Increasing autonomy in the workplace.

Benefits to organization

  • Increasing the productivity of the employees which results increase the revenues.
  • Increased enthusiasm and and engagements among the staffs.
  • Morale boost for both employee and organization.
  • Improve workplace relationships.
  • Easier to implement new technology and strategies in the organization.

The study shows that, according to 92% of employees, employee training programs that are well-planned have a favorable impact on their level of engagement. 68% of employees prefer to learn or train on the job. According to 94% of employees, an essential policy that would convince them to stay in the company is training and development. 76% of employees say they are more inclined to stay in a company if it offers continuous learning and development. 


Kumari Job's Employee Training Programs

With the immense benefits of employee training, organizations must support a culture of constant development aware of changes in the sector. Kumari Job is one of the institutions which along with recruitment service, provides the training facility. The institute provides any sort of training demanded by the companies. Some of the training that Kumari Job provides are:

  1. Job-Oriented Accounting Training: This training is targeted at both freshers and professionals. It includes comprehensive knowledge and practical training on account, finance, and taxation. It is suitable for the freshers in the company to gain more knowledge. The training is provided by a qualified CA who is very knowledgeable in their field.
  2. Job-Oriented Digital Marketing Training: Over the past few years, businesses in Nepal have steadily shifted to using digital media. Kumari Job provides Job Oriented Digital Marketing Training to those who want to keep up with the trend. With an international course module and SEO expert with 7+ years of experience, it is the best choice for an organization to send their employee on this training.
  3. Advanced Accounting Training: The training is targeted towards accounting professionals who are seeking to enhance their expertise and take on more challenging roles in the field. The course has been designed to convert accounting professionals and enthusiasts into accounting masters.
  4. Professional HR Training: This training helps to develop and enhance the skills of human resource professionals. The course covers various topics such as HR Functions, Recruiter Functions, Performance Management, Statutory Compliances, and Payroll Functions.
  5. Front Office Management and Secretarial Etiquettes Training: This course is effective for office professionals working for different organizations from the position of Front Desk, Executive Secretaries, Personal Assistants, Public Relations officers, and Administrative Officers.

Along with these 5 pieces of training, Kumari Job provides Off-the-Site Training for the employees of any organization that requires it. The training period is determined according to the requirement. They provide the offices’ auditorium to conduct the training or any other off-site training place demanded by the organization.


Whether an organization should have a viable preparation program for employees set up, employee improvement is in no way, shape or form effective except if the workplace is adjusted and energized for consistent learning. As a result, organizations must foster a culture of constant development, be aware of sector shifts, and offer sufficient training to meet the challenges.



  • How long do Kumari Job's employee training programs typically last?

ANS: Kumari Job’s employee training programs are conducted as per the organization’s requirements. It can be one-day training or can last up to a month depending upon the request.


  • Is there any prerequisite knowledge required to enroll in Kumari Job's training programs?

ANS: The training programs like Job Oriented Accounting Training and Job Oriented Digital Marketing Training do not require any prerequisite knowledge as the course is also directed towards freshers while the rest are targeted towards working professionals as well.


  • Does Kumari Job offer any online employee training options for those unable to attend in person?

ANS: No, Kumari Job does not offer any online employee training options for those unable to attend in person. But they do conduct separate webinar sessions on a different useful topic.


If you are looking for the best institute that provides practical hands-on training to improve the development of your employees' knowledge and skills, Kumari Job is the right place for you.

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